About Zee

White lady with too much education, an active anti-racist journey and the desire to embrace an uncomfortable life.

I am continually falling out of the nest.

My father was a civil rights activist who didn’t believe in protecting children emotionally or intellectually. I’ve been aware of race and racism for as long as I’ve been conscious of thoughts, but for personal and cultural reasons was stuck at the guilt phase of the anti-racist journey for most of my life. In the process of breaking free of that, I am continually gobsmacked by the world I have not seen, have not acknowledged, and have not worked to change. If you’re on that path or want to get there, you might like this blog.

Looking for cred? This is all I’ve got.

Racial Justice Facilitator YWCA (2012-current)

DEI Secretary at my day job

various trainings on race, racism, and DEI

  • certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from eCornell
  • Unpacking Whiteness course
  • ASDIC Anti-Racism Study Dialogue Circle
  • ASDIC Sleight of Mouth Practices training
  • Restorative Justice 101 Training

MA Public Policy & Sustainability

MA Literature in English

BFA Acting (minor in Expository Writing)