I had a dream…

Last night.

I dreamed I helped two White people recognize unintentionally racist behaviors and start to change them. One had no details, I just held the knowledge that I had achieved that something with a someone. The second was a woman in charge of a group who was clearly holding a Latina worker to a different standard than the other people she supervised. I gently pointed this out to her, explained our national, shared White supremacist acculturation, and after a brief moment of denial she broke down crying, which, I intuitively knew, broke down the walls of her fear, righteousness, and resistance, and set her on a clear path to anti-racism. As a result, I felt a breakthrough in my work to help people recognize and change entrenched attitudes and behaviors.

It was like a really good after school special. I know it will never be that easy, but it was pretty great to experience the potential, to see what could be and what is actually possible, if not probable, or at least not likely to play out in that manner. I truly loathe the phrase if you can dream it, you can do it, but if you can’t dream it at all, it does make the doing much more difficult.

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