Obligatory Pre-Election Post

Hi, Friends.

Sorry I haven’t been in a space to write lately. I’ve been doing a broad smattering of pre-election volunteering: checking on polling places, Get Out the Vote calls, training as Poll Challenger (stupid title – really a poll defender) for Election Day. Plus more trainings and some race-related facilitations, and my work hours have gone up. BUT MOSTLY it’s stress over the upcoming election. If Biden wins, the door to real democracy is cracked open, though still heavy. If Trump wins … I guess my attention turns mostly local. I haven’t thought much about what happens with a legitimate Trump win (limited legitimacy due to: massive voter suppression, historically & inherently racist Electoral College, constant disinformation, etc), either because I’m lying to myself or because the polls only give that a 10% chance of happening.

If he tries to steal the election, I guess I’ll see how much I’m willing and able to contribute to massive national protests and strikes and whatever else. There are lots of resources for nonviolent resistance out there. Feel free to contribute yours below. Who knows when we’ll even know anything. Sleep and exercise and meditation are good. I’m mostly managing to maintain those, if not other things, like a good diet. We do what we can.

I have been trying to prepare myself for how to live in a Trump America, if it comes to that. I’ve spent a wee bit of time assessing what will still be within my reach of influence, what I can still love and partner with and help. With the caveat that the personal is political and no utopian parochialism will entirely protect us from a violent autocrat, and our acceleration towards an increasingly human-unfriendly environment will be unrestrained under a continuing Trump regime, these realities still exist:

  • I will keep doing anti-racist work
  • I will keep loving the beauty on this gorgeous earth
  • I will keep curling up around my dog
  • I will keep greeting my neighbors
  • I will keep volunteering
  • I will keep learning
  • I will keep facilitating
  • I will keep trying to understand the reachable humans on the other side
  • I will keep writing
  • I will see friends again when it’s warm &/or COVID is minimized
  • Ben & I will cuddle up and tell dark jokes about the state of the world

Beyond that, I’ll adapt to the given circumstances, as much as I can. Adaptation does not mean complacency. It can, of course, but constant resistance is also a form of adaptation. Hopefully, this will be a time of pushing the door open wider, not locking it down to protect ourselves. Whatever happens, it won’t be uneventful and it won’t be easy. I’m trying to hang onto reality as I know it, and taking my cues from that.

Love to you all. We’ll know more soon. Be well.

*image: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-election-forecast/?cid=rrpromo

3 thoughts on “Obligatory Pre-Election Post

  1. jimwrich

    Thank you for this, Sweetheart.  I’m trying to get my arms around the practiced sanity that keeps the millions of people going who live in totalitarian regimes around the world. Love, Jim


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