Why Write Race

I can’t keep myself from writing about race. When I write about enlightenment, I write about race. When I write about the climate crisis, I write about race. But I am White, and I am human, and I am more ignorant than my ignorance can begin to recognize, so I approach this work with the invocation to Be Wrong More.

How many years have I been “intensely thinking about race?” That’s hard to say. It could be 3. It could be 40. I’ve started this blog because in writing about my attempts to claw my way to enlightenment, I keep coming back to race (as we commonly define it), White supremacy, and racism in the United States. It seems that once I allowed myself to stop clinging to that nest of resignation to the world as it is marketed to me, I began to find all nests unreliable and undesirable, and the most unstable nest in my current life is the Whiteness/t.

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